Central Themes
Local Development

Part of a responsible leadership is to commit to the surroundings and the community to which we belong to. This is the reason why we believe in the importance of the guidance and implementation of actions that foster and facilitate the local development. And when we talk about development we include not only the local one but also the economic, political, institutional, social and cultural ones. We think that they feed our roots and that they guarantee that our communities are a good place to live in and to accomplish ourselves.

Every program and project that we support is orientated towards the overcoming of difficulties and challenges. From our perspective, we encourage the inclusion in any possible way as well as the improvement of the life conditions through articulated actions with all the local, public, private and social actors.

We are very certain about the fact that the sum of several wills behind a common objective multiply and strengthen the outcomes. We think that this is the best example to inspire and transmit it to other local leaders.