Central Themes

The respect for diversity implies that the group of values, visions, cultures, organizational knowledge, methodologies and the knowledge that each individual and each group of people possess are at the disposal of others.

Each individual has his or her own identity which is defined by their unique characteristics and that it is also formed by their personal development and life experiences. This individuality and difference is what characterizes us and distinguishes us from the rest. It also ensures the multiplicity of view points, approaches towards a topic and also the understanding of each one of them.

To Foster as well as to celebrate the existence of the different ways of understanding the world allow us to develop new answers and innovative proposals. As well as generating transformations, finding better solutions and building a more inclusive society.

During these first years FLOR has placed a special emphasis on disability as well as on gender equality and diversity. What we are looking for through FLOR is not only to encourage ourselves but also to strengthen by means of our own differences so that we can work together with the complementarities of the different cultures, age groups, styles, skills and abilities together with training at all institutional and organizational levels.