Real data!

Did you know that only 23.3% of decision-making positions in the world are held by women?

In Latin America, the percentage of female representation drops to 11.6% at decision-making tables.


In the world of organizations, diversity in decision-making is essential for optimal institutional development.

However, there are still few organizations that have gender diversity in their highest decision-making positions.


This program seeks to create a WIN - WIN. On one side, the organizations that participate are enriched by the contributions of our leaders and increase their gender diversity in high decision-making positions.

On the other, these women expand their knowledge through practice, adding experience to their resumes.

What would be the impact of increasing the female participation in decision-making processes?

  • Sustainability Best Practices
  • Improvement in environmental performance
  • Better return on assets and sales
  • Improvement in the value of the company
  • Financial risk reduction
  • Greater social commitment
  • Stronger labor relations
  • Improvement in ethical conduct and reputation
  • Greater effectiveness in directories
  • Better organizational policies
  • More transparency and reduction of fraud

How do we solve this?

Generating a bridge between organizations and women leaders.

...we create


A real experience in high decision-making positions.



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