At Fundación FLOR we believe that women have a lot to say, a lot to learn and a lot to share. For this reason, we have created the Women's Affairs program, completely free of charge, which seeks to promote entrepreneurial characteristics in women, review and strengthen self-esteem, and convince them that it is possible to achieve what one sets out to do.​


  • It is a program that addresses the themes from the female perspective and works on the mental models necessary to strengthen personal autonomy and independence.
  • It allows to weave networks and begin to share resources, consultations and support with other women in situations similar to yours, in order to generate future projects.
  • We will share job opportunities, events, talks, activities of our Foundation and other organizations that work on related issues so that you can participate and make your projects visible.
3 main topics we adress:
  • We promote personal strengthening through concrete tools that allow participants to review themselves and take action.
  • We provide knowledge about the financial and strategic tools that allow them to realize what they dream of or improve what they have undertaken.
  • At FLOR Foundation we have the goal that the participants of all our programs share their experiences and become part of a collaborative and empowering network that enriches them.

The program is intended for all women who dream of starting a business or have already done so and want to grow, incorporate new tools and review themselves to add value to their lives and to the society they are part of.

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Alicia Santos

Journalist - Owner of Radio “La Centro”

My experience with the Women's Affairs (CDM) Program was, and continues to be, positive. We managed to have our Radio on the Internet. I am very happy because we have connections from different parts of the world. UNIMAGINABLE FOR ME

Sofia Torrallardona

Sommelier & Marketing Cava Torra

Participating in the Women's Affairs (CDM) was very significant for me. Being able to share with other entrepreneurs the same concerns, the same obstacles and learn from each one, was incredible. The invaluable information that they provided us from the foundation, in each speaker, each practical exercise placed us in a privileged place. THANK YOU I only have to thank and wait for another meeting to continue nourishing myself

Stefania Soledad Alcazar

Educational Psychologist

For me things about women was a resounding change, I didn't know what to do, I arrived with no idea what I was going to do, I was 26 years old, a 6-month-old baby, I was about to finish my degree and I lived with my mom. My dad had passed away a year ago. A year later I already had my house, work and today at 30 I have my own multispace which I coordinate, employing 10 people, I did several careers, I work in my city and I coordinate chairs and I teach at the Argentine Psychosocial Center in several cities of the country. Even with more projects!

Carina Capurro

Entrepreneur "Material Didáctico para tus Clases"

Participating in the Women's Affairs (CDM) course was a rewarding time where, in addition to sharing experiences with other women and growing with them, I learned that the word VALUE had such an important meaning: I learned to value the things I do in a different way, to give value to my time, my person, my projects and especially my entrepreneurship. It taught me to discover strengths, to empower myself and help empower others, to have confidence in myself.

Rosana Luna

Entrepreneur “LUNA Tejidos Artesanales”

I discovered not only a group of women entrepreneurs and with very interesting projects, but also women who wanted to improve themselves, women looking for an opportunity to grow and improve themselves. Today "LUNA tejidos artesanales" is little by little a small entrepreneurship that with the tools that Women's Affairs (CDM) gave me I am trying to keep going. But most importantly, it taught me to believe that I could and was capable of undertaking anything I wanted with tenacity, passion, and will.

S. Villalba, F. Sagaz, A. Macazaga y Y. Tabarez

Guazzaroni Grecco SA Team - Nueve de Julio

In the Women's Affairs (CDM) program, dreams become projects, and projects become actions. It is a space in which without losing sight of the reality of each one, infinite possibilities open up. Optimism and solidarity are always present and at the end we all take with us a fundamental concept: "networking".

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