Globalization imposes changes at speeds not experienced before, which implies constant adaptability to new contexts. The creation of value in the company currently comes hand in hand with the proper functioning of organizations, as well as innovation and creativity, in participatory and divergent processes. At this point, good governance practices and diversity take on a central value.

The first ones allow institutions stability and adaptability; the second, seeks to articulate different points of view and experiences behind a common goal.

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At Fundación FLOR we recognize diversity and sustainability as the cornerstones of organizations today. Within this framework, the Womens in Decision (MED) - Women in Decision program: a government Program with a gender perspective, for all those professional women who occupy or aspire to occupy decision-making positions in the world of business or social organizations, MED offers the opportunity to expand their training in leadership, deepen their self-knowledge and strengthen their personal and work networks.

In addition, it provides fundamental tools for organizational governance. This Program offers a transformative experience for both the participants and the organizations they are part of.

Academic Team


Andrea Grobocopatel

President in Fundación Liderazgos y Organizaciones Responsables (FLOR)

María Marta Talice

Regulatory Compliance Manager | Board member FLOR | Governance Advisor

Ana Maria Urrutia

Executive Director LAC at Lightin

Giselle Villar Lettieri

Ssr. Analyst of Compliance

Carlos Pace

Public Accountant - Partner at PwC

Laura Gingold

Expert in Personal Networks

Marilen Stengel

Partner in talent development. Focus in diversity and gender

Carlos Rozen

BDO partner in Argentina | International Speaker

Marcela Lomba

Co-founder y managing partner en Eveil | Academic Director at FLOR Foundation

Daniela Martinez

MD Sucess Journey Career & Transitions Program Manager at Accenture

Raúl Correa

CEO & Founder at So Far Consulting | Executive Coach | Speaker | Trainer at Fundación Flor

Virginia Genovesi

Consultant in Digital Transformation | Coach | Speaker

Guillermo Ochippinti

Speaker in Management

Silvina Scarimbolo

Labor and Union Relations Adviser | Lawyer

Fabiana Renault

Consultant in Social Innovation and Educational Innovation. International Speaker

Laura Ocampo

Partner at Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colte & Mosle, Buenos Aires Office

Experience Womens in Decision (MED)



    That women are prepared and trained to continue ascending if they wish and occupy Senior Management positions in organizations, a central factor to accelerate the female presence and diversity in the government of institutions in general.


    That women review their personal projects, identifying and removing the mental models that limit them to access these positions.


    Strengthening networks among women is a central objective of FLOR Foundation.

  • To professional women who occupy or aspire to occupy decision-making positions in the world of business or social organizations, and who intend to develop their own leadership, valuing the gender perspective.


    Incorporation of the gender perspective in decision-making.


    Meetings of "MED Graduates" with the aim of strengthening themselves through the creation of local and international ties, working so that more women occupy a chair at decision-making tables, adding value and contributing a gender perspective to the analysis of current problems and the vision of the future.


At Fundación FLOR we give visibility to our graduates of the Women in Decision Program (MED), generating opportunities for the participants to be speakers in talks, representing the FLOR Foundation and contacting them with headhunters who are looking for women for decision-making positions.

  • They have the possibility of accessing exclusive events, such as conferences, forums, talks and programs, both national and international. As well as specialization programs in topics that we consider key for the formation of women leaders.

Leticia De Zan

Manager at Banco de la Nación Argentina

Womens in Decision (MED) is growth, it is a generator of changes, it is the beginning of a path of transformations so that good things happen.

Vera Tabakovic

Director - INTUS SA

I highlight the academic level of the Womens in Decision (MED) program. You learn a lot in a very short time. The faculty is highly experienced and warm. The challenge in terms of Self-Knowledge is revealing. It is a before and after. We are already a large community united by principles of equity and an unstoppable desire to excel. Prioritize it. Worth it!!

Natalia Facciolo

General manager of LUDMARC S.A.

Without a doubt, Womens in Decision (MED) is incredible! It shapes us, transforms us... it equips us with the lenses of equity, diversity and inclusion but, above all, it reveals all the potential that is in us as women and as a network.

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