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The FLOR Foundation was created on September 21, 2012 with the idea of articulating the different actions that its founder Andrea Grobocopatel had been developing, both in the academic field, in social work and local development, as a way to feed their roots and collaborate with the cultural changes that our country needs.

Andrea Grobocopatel


Putting special emphasis on Carlos Casares, on Route 5, so that the interior of the country is a good place to live, capable of retaining and developing its talent. Trying to infect others to feel like part of the change, generating learning and transformation.


More of 100.000
FLORed people

What is FLOR Foundation?

FLOR ​Foundation is the realization of a dream, which invites everyone to join and to grow day by day from a network of people who believe that a better world is possible and that only ourselves we can build it.

A space for those people and organizations that seek promote people with good ideas, who believe that it is possible to build a better society for all, and that are willing to put their shoulder, to commit, to join others to carry it forward.

We want to share this dream, and invite you to become protagonists of the construction of a responsible society where diversity and solidarity are sources of growth, sustainability, respect and peace.
We are idealists – without being naive and realistic at the same time – doing everything in our power to continue believing that a better society is necessary and possible.

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