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Real data!

Did you know that only 23.3% of decision-making positions in the world are held by women?
In Latin America, the percentage of female representation drops to 11.6% at decision-making tables.


In the world of organizations, diversity in decision-making is essential for optimal institutional development.

However, there are still few organizations that have gender diversity in their highest decision-making positions.


This program seeks to create a WIN - WIN. On one side, the organizations that participate are enriched by the contributions of our leaders and increase their gender diversity in high decision-making positions. GANAR – GANAR. Por un lado, las organizaciones que participan se enriquecen con los aportes de nuestras líderes e incrementan su diversidad de género en las altas esferas de decisión.

On the other, these women expand their knowledge through practice, adding experience to their resumes.

What would be the impact of increasing the female participation in decision-making processes?

How do we solve this?

Generating a bridge between organizations and women leaders.

...we create


A real experience in high decision-making positions.

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The impact of women on organizational directing boards

Did you know that only 9,5 % of directing board positions in Argentina are held by women?

✓ Better sustainability practices
✓ Better environmental performance

✓ Better returns on assets and sales
✓ Increase value of the company
✓ Reduce financial risks

✓ Better social commitment
✓ Stronger labor relationships
✓ Improve ethical conduct and reputation

✓ Higher efficiency on directing board
✓ Better organizational politics
✓ Increase transparency and reduction of fraud

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