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  •  Winner: SAP
  •  Finalists: Cook Master, Dow
  •  Mención especial: Newsan
  •  Winner: En Casa
  •  Finalists: Nahual It, Xinca
  •  Winner: Fundación SIMAS
  •  Finalists: ATIADIM, La Usina
  •  Winner: Museo de Arte Popular José Hernández


The FLOR Foundation, for the fourth consecutive year, held the FLOR Awards ceremony and recognized different organizations for managing diversity as part of their strategy.

The award ceremony took place on Wednesday, October 16 at the Palacio de las Aguas Corrientes, where more than 300 people gathered, including representatives of companies, social organizations, civil associations, special guests and the entire FLOR Network with the aim of continuing to bet on the commitment to promote diversity and inclusion.

"This award does not seek to recognize the actions carried out by the winning organizations, but rather it implies assuming a commitment to deepen, internally, their task and to become referents that inspire other institutions to follow the path of inclusion and diversity", commented Andrea Grobocopatel, Director of Fundación FLOR during the event.

The jury was composed of Daniel Arroyo (National Deputy), Luis Ovsejevich (Founder and President of the Fundación KonexKonex Foundation), Bernardo Kosacoff (Economist and Professor at the University of Buenos Aires and Di Tella University), Fabiana Tuñez (Executive Director of INAM), Lucas Utrera (Sustainability Director of SMS Latinoamerica), Laura Gaidulewickz (Founder and Director of Binden Group), Alejandro Melamed (General Director of Humanize Consulting) y Andrea Grobocopatel (President of FLOR Foundation), who thoroughly evaluated each case and selected the nominees and winners. The entire selection process was audited by the international consulting firm BDO, who ensured that the winners met the following parameters:

  • Enhance individual difference to achieve greater creativity by applying it to concrete facts.
  • Integrate diversity ideas and practices into day-to-day management.
  • Celebrate and promote differences among members of the organization in order to learn and grow from them.
  • Have internal and external policies on Diversity Management.
  • Promote its actions in society.

According to the characteristics of the nominated candidates, several categories were defined, understanding the differences in scope and ways of approaching diversity, in terms of size or type of organization. Within this framework, Iván de Pineda and Agustina Torchio (hosts of the event) proclaimed winners of the 2019 edition of the FLOR awards to:

  • Large Companies Category: SAP.
  • SME Category: En Casa SAD.
  • NGO Category: SIMAS Foundation.
  • Public Sector Category: José Hernández Museum of Popular Art (MAP).
  • Special Mention: Newsan.

In this way, once again FLOR Foundation continues to recognize organizations that are aware of the challenge that today's world offers them and that work to transmit those same values to others that will allow them to be part of a transformation towards a more just and inclusive society. .