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  •  Winner: Johnson&Johnson Argentina
  •  Finalists: IBM Argentina, Arca Continental
  •  Special mention: Syngenta Agro
  •  Winner: Grupo Advance
  •  Finalists: Broker Andino, Win&Winnow Language Services
  •  Special mention: Socompa
  •  Winner: Fundación Visibilia
  •  Finalists: Asociación Civil de Mujeres en Tecnología, Fundación Discar
  •  Special mention: Asociación Civil Cascos Verdes
  •  Special mention Centro Verde Ecofem
  •  Special mention Banco BHD León, Fundación Paraguaya


On September 21, 2021, Fundación Liderazgos y Organizaciones Responsables (FLOR) celebrated its ninth anniversary with the announcement of the winning organizations of the sixth edition of the Diversity Awards. The NGO led by Andrea Grobocopatel recognizes through this initiative those organizations that work in an integral, equitable and diverse manner, with good practices and values in pursuit of a fairer and more inclusive society.

"Being responsible has to do with diversity (...). For FLOR, responsibility in leadership and in organizations is COMMITMENT: with the environment, with good governance practices and with people inside and outside the organizations (...)" said Andrea during the ceremony. It is in this last point where diversity comes into play "being responsible has to do with the fact that the more different people we are together, the more we will be enriched".

The ceremony was conducted live virtually and hosted by FLOR collaborator and broadcaster Agustina Torchio Grobocopatel and writer Valeria Schapira.

The organizations were evaluated by an Honorary Jury composed of Ana Inés Alvarez -Executive Director of AVON Foundation-, Carlos Magariños -Pro-Secretary of FLOR Foundation-, Gala Diaz Langou -Executive Director of CIPPEC-, Kurt Frieder -President of Fundación Huésped-, Laura Gaidulewicz - Director of Binden Group-, Sergio Kaufman - President of Accenture-, and Teté Coustarot -journalist-, who defined the shortlists and winners in each of the categories, as well as the special mentions for the LATAM category in which mentions are given as the highest recognition. In addition, recognition was given to some organizations that, although not included in the shortlists, stood out for a specific practice. The selection process was entirely audited by the international consulting firm BDO.

In the LATAM category, the highest recognition -special mention- was awarded to Banco BHD León, for its gender policies and actions for the empowerment of Dominican women, and to Fundación Paraguaya, for its work in inclusion and its gender equity practices, as well as its policies to prevent harassment in the workplace.

In the PUBLIC SECTOR category, a special mention was awarded to Centro Verde Ecofem, leaving the positions on the shortlist and the winning position vacant. This organization was recognized for its purpose of labor inclusion, being a space operated entirely by women, some of them trans, who come from vulnerable sectors.

The three exemplary NGOs in diversity management were: Asociación Civil de Mujeres en Tecnología, Fundación Discar and Fundación Visibilia. The latter received the FLOR Award for its work of inclusion of people with disabilities, based on its publishing work of accessible reading and generating a link with the labor market. In addition, a special mention was given to the Cascos Verdes Civil Association, for integrating people with intellectual disabilities by providing them with a space to educate and accompany organizations on environmental issues.

In the SME category, the three organizations that presented the best inclusive practices were the following: Broker Andino, Grupo Advance and Win&Winnow Language Services. The winner was Grupo Advance, for its work on the inclusion of people of diverse minorities as a priority in its business strategy. A special mention was also given to Socompa, an inclusive tourism company that addresses the pandemic through diversity.

Finally, in the category BIG COMPANIES IBM Argentina, Johnson&Johnson Argentina and Arca Continental (Salta Refrescos) were the three organizations that stood out the most in terms of diversity. Johnson&Johnson was chosen as the winner for its global and local commitment to diversity as a key factor for innovation and business purpose. In addition, Syngenta Agro was recognized with a special mention, for reviewing its seed multiplication process from a gender and employment perspective, hiring women for this task for the first time.

"The FLOR Awards are a recognition to those organizations that are examples of integration, of diversity management" stated Andrea Grobocopatel. "The issue of diversity is not a dispensable item on our to-do list (...). Society can address it while solving all the issues it considers urgent, because it is always present: in the diversity of views we will be able to build better solutions to our problems. (...) From the Foundation we maintain that it is always a good time to FLOURISH. Let good ideas, good news, good examples flourish. May responsible leadership and responsible organizations flourish, may society flourish so that the world embraces us with energy, positivism, generosity, so that we can take care of each other. May dialogue flourish, may different points of view enrich us and help us understand other people, may we value DIVERSITY because it makes us more creative and better people".