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  •  Winner: Banco Santander
  •  Finalists: Biosidus, Globant
  •  Winner: Viviendas Asistidas
  •  Finalists: ESET Latinoamérica, Gráfica Latina
  •  Special mention: Ikigai, Summabio (ex Síntesis Biológica)
  •  Winner: Fundación Gran Chaco
  •  Finalists: Biblioteca Popular La Cárcova, Fundación Líderes de Ansenuza
  •  Special mention: Fundación Encontrarse en la Diversidad para la Educación Intercultural
  •  Winner: Secretaría de Cultura de la Municipalidad Gobernador Ingeniero Valentín Virasoro
  •  Special mention: Grupo LILA


On Wednesday, September 23, the fifth edition of the FLOR Awards for Diversity was held for the first time in virtual format, for those organizations that manage diversity as part of their strategy. The ceremony was followed by almost a thousand people who connected freely from all over the country and was hosted by the presenter and FLOR collaborator Agustina Torchio Grobocopatel and the presenter, journalist and lawyer of Korean origin Jin Yi Hwang.

In the streaming, applicants, finalists, juries and guests from all sectors were present in a great event where each organization presented its commitment to Diversity with audiovisual material.


  • In the Latam category, there was a special mention for Grupo LILA.
  • In the Public Sector category the winner was Municipalidad Gobernador Ingeniero Valentín Virasoro
  • In NGOs La Fundación Gran Chaco was the winner, after sharing a list of nominees with Biblioteca Popular La Cárcova and the Fundación Líderes de Ansenuza. Also, a special mention was made for Fundación Encontrarse en la Diversidad para la Educación Intercultural
  • In the SMEs category, the award went to Residencia Asistida SA. The list of nominees was completed by ESET Latin America and Gráfica Latina SRL. There were also special mentions for Ikigai SRL and Síntesis Biológica
  • Lastly, in the large companies category, the award went to Banco Santander, the other nominees were Biosidus y Globant 

his year's jury was integrated by: Laura Gaidulewicz, founder and director of Binden Group; Lucas Utrera, Director of Sustainability of SMS Latinoamerica; Alejandro Melamed, Director of Humanize Consulting; Daniel Arroyo, Minister of Social Development of the Nation; Kurt Frieder, founder and president of Fundación Huésped; Julia Pomares, CIPPEC Executive Director; y Nuria Vilanova, CEAPI president; además de Andrea Grobocopatel, President of the FLOR Foundation.

The entire selection process was audited by the international consultancy BDO.

“We want to create leaders and organizations that work responsibly and understand that everyone in the world is different. We all have something to contribute and we have the right to work, to be heard, to be included. We want to be the architects of the future, which is why we must reinvent ourselves and our companies and institutions”, highlighted Andrea Grobocopatel, president and founder of FLOR Foundation. 

In this way, once again FLOR Foundation continues to recognize organizations that are aware of the challenge that today's world offers them and that work to transmit those same values to others that will allow them to be part of a transformation towards a more just and inclusive society. .

About FLOR Foundation

FLOR was born in 2012 at the initiative of Andrea Grobocopatel, as a space that aims to promote the existence of solid institutions, with good governance practices and that, by managing diversity, are sustainable, thus contributing to achieving a better world for future generations. FLOR develops different initiatives framed in four thematic topics: Diversity, Responsible Organizations, Leadership and Local Development. 

The FLOR Foundation once again held the FLOR Diversity Awards at the Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires, with the purpose of promoting Diversity management in Organizations.

In its third consecutive year, FLOR Foundation expands its mission with the commitment to promote the value of diversity and inclusion.

Fundación Liderazgos y Organizaciones Responsables held the delivery of the FLOR Awards for Diversity, which was attended by more than 200 people including leaders of companies and organizations from various sectors and industries, social organizations and civil associations, special guests and the entire FLOR Network that year after year they say yes to a more just and inclusive society that finds its greatest wealth in diversity.

This award was born to promote Diversity Management and recognize the great work that many organizations are already carrying out to grow towards a path of greater inclusion. Many organizations have already started working to create and develop a culture that values differences and that includes the richness that exists in each person who is part of that community. Some organizations today are examples of this search and open their doors to tell us how they do it.

Many organizations that applied for this award to tell and describe in detail what are the strategies they are developing to manage diversity. They also shared those policies and actions that they carry out within their organization so that people can develop in an environment that contemplates the plurality of perspectives, capacities, opinions, ideas, preferences and gender.

Some steps are the creation of new internal policies, the implementation of programs that seek to promote, for example, the promotion of more women in decision-making positions, the incorporation of employees with disabilities, training programs, debate networks or contention on specific issues and more strategies that help achieve the larger purpose, which is to become a more inclusive society.

The Honorary Jury integrated by Daniel Arroyo (Congressman), Luis Ovsejevich (Founder and President of Fundacion Konex), Bernardo Kosacoff (Economist. Professor at the University of Buenos Aires and the Di Tella University), Fabiana Tuñez (INAM Executive Director), Lucas Utrera (Director of Sustainability of SMS Latinoamerica), Laura Gaidulewickz (Founder and Director of Binden Group), Alejandro Melamed (CEO of Humanize Consulting) and Andrea Grobocopatel (President of FLOR Foundation) they exhaustively evaluate each case and select the winners. The entire process was audited by the international consultancy BDO.

According to the characteristics of the postulated candidates, 3 categories were defined, understanding the differences in scope and ways of addressing diversity in terms of size or type of organization.

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